Summary: In previous years, Sherlock was in a relationship with a man who wasn't very nice. When Sherlock comes in with broken ribs, and a bruised face; Lestrade figures out that Sherlock is being abused by his boyfriend, and gets him out of the relationship. Sherlock refuses to date again, untill he meets John. 
Rating/Warnings: NC-17(Smut)/ Abusive Relationship

Title: Duvet(green)
Summary: "Sherlock recalibrates and restructures his mind palace so it looks like 221b. What he chooses to put in John's room is a bit of a surprise, and a revelation." 
Length:~2000 words
Rating/Warnings: Whump/Cuteness. 

Title: UnTitled [Filled!]
Summary:"John is the one to go over Reichenbach Falls. Sherlock deletes every memory of John from his brain. Then John turns up again." [I have a notepad of dozens of fics by category. Next to this one it just says 'A favorite, I don't believe I have ever cried this hard from a fic.' Probably the first tears of joy I shed in the fandom] 
Length: ~Medium-long
Rating/Warnings: G(The most beautiful subtle type of pain) /Angst /Happiness /AU-Reichenbach 

Title: As I love you
Summary: "When John sticks his hand in his jacket pocket, all he expects to find are keys and maybe a few coins rattling around. What he does not expect to find is a card." John is led where he's meant to go. 
Length: ~1500
Rating/Warnings: G/Fluff 

Title: Sherlock Teaches John The Violin
Summary: String instruments are clearly the sexiest-looking of all instruments. The smooth curve of the body punctuated by jutting hips and a narrow waist, brown glossy wood giving way to the dark, long neck and the curled, flared elegance of the head. The tension of the strings running all the way down from the head. The curve of your hand on the bow. UST/pre-slash/slash. Inevitable proximity and arousal - or just a growing ...awareness. It's all about the violin. 
Length: ~Medium-Short
Rating/Warnings: PG-13/No actual smut, just the yearning for it. 

Title: Untitled
Summary: Dude. How can I even begin to describe this. Okay. It's a beautiful ongoing, perpetual WIP fic. I know most avoid Works In Progress, but please don't. The point of view switches between four roleplaying tumblrs. It begins with John living in a post-reichenbach world. It's a story of Sherlock's fight to return to him. Of Sebastian living without Moriarty...But is he really dead? It began in February and the last update was 6 days ago. Please, just trust me just this once and read it. 
Length: ~Perpetually growing, CRAZY LONG. 
Rating/Warnings: Erm. Let's say NC-16/Angst/violence/ In later chapters: SMUT/Almost suicide/violence/SMUTTT. 

Title: Untitled [Filled 1-10]
Summary: I'd like some nice, slow, drawn out sex. But not just any sex, but one where whoevers topping is wringing out as many orgasms as they can from their partner without losing control or having come once themselves. Something like a steady pace set out for hours. 
Length: ~Medium-long 
Rating/Warnings: R( THE MOST GLORIOUS SMUT)/Dude there is a legitimate plot that is REALLY GOOD/THEN THERE IS Smut SO WELL WRITTEN YOU WILL HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS TO YOUR BUNK/Oral!kink/Multiple orgasms 


Title:Not Much Call For Colleague Bracelets.
Summary:  In which a Friendship Bracelet is given.  
Length: <500Words
Rating/Warnings: G(Cuteness)/It's just too cute.

Title: Height, or Lack Thereof 
Summary: Sherlock loves that John is so little. 
Length: ~800
Rating/Warnings: PG-ish/Pure saccharine laced fluffy beautiful cuteness.

Title:Full Circle 
Summary: Sherlock's POV during the hiatus. A reunion post-Reichenbach story. 
Length: ~2000
Rating/Warnings: PG-12? (The words climax, flaccid, and erect are used. A few sentences of unsexualized mentions of sex.)/Angst/Fluff/Happy!Post-Reichenbach!

Title: Sherlock Knows Not About Personal Space.
Summary:Title says it all!
Length: Short
Rating/Warnings: G, Cute.

Title: No Muss No Fuss.
Summary:”Sherlock isn't used to prolonged physical intimacy (anything more than a few seconds). John helps him get comfortable with being touched. Focus on touching, emotional/mental barriers, and sensuality. “
Length: Short/Medium
Rating/Warnings: G, F(fluff)

Title: Untitled Fill.
Summary:So here's what I want: I want Sherlock courting John, properly, the whole long drawn out process, and I want it as awkward and fluffy as humanly possible. Rot my teeth.
Length: Medium
Rating/Warnings: F(Fluff)

Title: Stargazing.
Summary:That bit where Sherlock was admiring the stars was lovely. Can we get some stargazing fic?
Rating/Warnings: G;F(Fluff)

Title: Baby Formula.
Summary: Sherlock and John are watching over someone's child for a period of time. John assumes that Sherlock is going to be completely horrible with children, but much to John's surprise, Sherlock is incredibly good with kids.
Length: Short
Rating/Warnings: G; F(Fluff); Q(Adorable!Lock); K(Kid Fics)

Title: The Lesson.
Summary: Sherlock and John, fully clothed, on the bed. Just enjoying each other's bodies and company. Petting, kissing, limbs entwined. No sex.
Length: Short
Rating/Warnings: G;F(Fluff); C(Cuddling)

Title: Fortune’s Fool.
Summary:Sherlock, John, & The Fortune Cookie
Length: Short
Rating/Warnings: G; F(Fluff)

Title: Untitled [Fill].
Summary:Lestrade and Anderson and Donovan barge into 221B, accidentally walking in on Sherlock and John, who are...cuddling. On the couch. Either asleep or watching telly.
Because, honestly? Cuddly!Sherlock would probably be a hell of a lot stranger to witness than havingsex!Sherlock. Cue amusing reactions from Lestrade and Co.
Length:Short|Ficlet Length
Rating/Warnings: G; F(Fluff); C(Cuddling)

Title: Cold Hands.
Summary:Just a fluffly fic about all the little PDA things that they do without even thinking or deliberating on it. The type of casual thing that even when someone sees or reacts to it, their response is more like 'What? What are you talking about?' *slightly confused look* rather than flustered or embarassed.
Length: Short; 1000
Rating/Warnings: G; F(Fluff); Q(Adorable!Lock);

Title: The Damage is Done.
Summary:JOHN WATSON IS A DAFT GIT!! (Real Summary: The first thing John does when they're both conscious and together (can even be in the hospital, on the way there)is apologize.
Rating/Warnings: G; F (Fluff); U (You See But You Do Not Observe)

Title: How Hearts Behave.
Summary:After returning home from a visit with his sister, John realizes that Sherlock missed him more than he could have ever realized.
Length: Short
Rating/Warnings: G; 1k (First Kiss); A(Adorable!Lock)

Title: Sherlock Teaches John The Violin.
Summary:String instruments are clearly the sexiest-looking of all instruments. The smooth curve of the body punctuated by jutting hips and a narrow waist, brown glossy wood giving way to the dark, long neck and the curled, flared elegance of the head. The tension of the strings running all the way down from the head. The curve of your hand on the bow. UST/pre-slash/slash. Inevitable proximity and arousal - or just a growing ...awareness. It's all about the violin.
Length: Short
Rating/Warnings: G; UST(Ultimate Sexual Tension); V(Violin/Music Kink)

Title: Untitled [Filling Like A Boss.
Summary:Sherlock tends to be casually insulting to John (and everyone else). John doesn't take it too personally, but sometimes gets tired of it.One day, someone else makes an insulting remark about John in front of Sherlock.
Sherlock verbally shreds them. In the process, he ends up being quite complimentary about John.
Length: Short
Rating/Warnings: G; PL(Protective!Lock);Gen(General|Friend FIc)

Title: Sound Of Silence.
Summary:Length: Medium
Rating/Warnings: G; Mycroft&John; U(You See But You Do Not Observe); NJ (Non Johnlock);

Title: Bemused Eye-Fuck.
Summary:-Did a quick reread to be able to tag properly, Holy crap. I am fanning myself like a Southern Belle. Sweet Lord Dr. Watson. My oh My. “If Sherlock were still keeping up with his notebooks (if he knew where they were), he would need to add an entirely new set of Venn diagrams to account for John.”
Length: Short (~1500)
Rating/Warnings: AS(Almost Smut); PG(The Word Fuck is Used); SHE (Sherli Has Emotions)

Title: A Study In Intimacy.
Summary:”People don't touch Sherlock Holmes, not like they touch other people. Then he meets John Watson.”
Length: Medium|Long
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; ERECTION; AS(Almost Smut); NR(New Romance); C(Cuddling); V(Virgin!Lock); A(Adorable!Lock); *Ao3

Title: Underlying Reasons.
Summary:John and Sherlock FINALLY get together, but tell no-one. John doesn't want them to be a secret, but Sherlock insists that it's best no-one finds out they're anything more than friends. John gets all paranoid that Sherlock is ashamed of him because he's normal and boring.
Length: Short
Rating/Warnings: G; Er(Established Relationship); Awwwh; T^(Teared up); C (Cuddling)

Title: Of Men And Things.
Summary:Sherlock keeps an Index, and John discovers that Sherlock's unique way of learning about people isn't as unusual as it seems.
Length: Medium(~4800)
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; AS(AlmostSmut); 1k(First Kiss); Mild H/c(Hurt Comfort


Title:Shiver Down My Spine.
Summary:  "Sherlock's gloved finger - sliding into the pleat at the back of his jacket" Sherlock becomes a bit obsessed with the pleat at the back of John's jacket. Smuttiness ensues.  
Length:~1500 words
Rating/Warnings: R(SMUT)/Clothing!Kink, Really Hot, might require some time in your bunk.


Title: Sedation 
Summary: "By lunch the teacher was eyeing him nervously, the other children shying away. He spent lunch break alone, feigning ignorance and solidly focussing his attention on various insects instead of the children huddling at the other end of the playground, away, away from the freak." [The best characterization and character study of Mycroft I think I have ever read] 
Length: 1330
Rating/Warnings: PG-13/Angst/Mention of drug use

Title: Our last Christmas 
Summary: [Listen to me: I read the summary, remembered the first time I read this, and am now crying. Don't take this lightly when I say it will break you.] "Sherlock has been away far too long for John to handle. Will his surprise trip home happen in time, or will he miss his chance to be the one to save John?" 
Length: ~1200
Rating/Warnings: PG-13/Suicide warning/Post-Reichenbach/Angst/Will ruin you forever.

Title: Needless to Say
Summary: "After some particularly nasty traumatic experience, John just stops talking. Psychologically, he can't get himself to talk." 
Rating/Warnings: G/Worrylock/WhumpJohn/Tears of joypain/JohnH/C

Title: Untitled[Fill] 
Summary: An anon was abused by her mom, and took it. Then she learned that her younger sister was being abused as well. Anon came to the Sherlock kink meme looking for a fill. "So please someone, just as vicious wish fulfillment please. Let anyone of the characters find out something similar about someone in their lives, someone that looks up to them, someone they love and let them rain holy hell on the person doing the abusing. Tear them apart. If their life could just be completely destroyed.. I don't know. It would, I would- I don't know. Be a little appeased. Get it out of my system. Rage is not a good thing to carry around in the long term. Thank you. Sorry for the ridiculously long and TMI prompt". 
Length: ~Short.
Rating/Warnings: PG(For language. No actual violence, just references to)/Tears because of the beautiful creature that John Watson is/Tears because the last two lines hurt in the greatest way.

Title: How you Survive the war 
Summary: "Sherlock freaks out and withdraws whenever John calls him beautiful. It turns out Sherlock was sexually abused when he was younger and the abuser called him beautiful." 
Length: ~Short-Medium
Rating/Warnings: PG:13/References to past abuse/Angst 

Title: Out Of Sight.
Summary:John finds the best way to deal with loss is to pretend it none of it ever happened. Out of sight, out of mind, you know. Until the things John thought locked away start to turn up.
Length: Medium
Rating/Warnings: G; PR(Post- Reichenbach Fall; A(Angst)


Title: [Fill:] The Married Ones 
Summary:Okay, okay, okay. Okay. It's Star Trek crossover time. Original series, Abramsverse, I love 'em both so it's up to you. Mrs. Turner's 'married ones next door' are Kirk and Spock (actual relationship up to author), waiting for a cordrazine'd Dr. McCoy so they can stop him changing history. 
Length: ~Short
Rating/Warnings: G/So much beautiful crossover crack


Title:The Everthere
Summary: Virgin!Sherlock starts dating [insert whatever OC or canon character here!]. John really wanted to be Sherlock's first. His jealousy would be easier to ignore if Sherlock would stop coming to him for advice, being unsure of what [other character] expects of him. 
Length: VERY LONG [19e IS the final chapter] 
Rating/Warnings: R(Smut)/Slightly OOC Sherlock/Pining.

Title:The Other Alpha
Summary: “Sherlock Holmes was bonded to an Alpha long before John Watson ever met him. Shame, really.” 
Length:15583 words (long-ish)
Rating/Warnings: R(SMUT)/OMEGAVERSE


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