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      "Colette, I know you’re a freshman, but I feel like you are prepared for more 300 and 400 level courses. In Ethnic Studies, GWSS, literature; any of the social sciences. You REALLY have a mind for this."
      Professor Yee, Gender Women’s & Sexuality Studies 323.
      This woman has a P.H.D. She has been teaching here since 1988. That is 5 years before I was born. She walked over to my desk after I just completed the final, and said this. I just thanked her. And could honestly just not form a coherent thought. Other than saying thank you. Like 4 times.
      I’m not even sure how to continue with living. She has written books and scholarly articles. And you think I am worthy? Shit. Me as a freshman? Ready for upper division courses? No, okay. More importantly; I have a mind for this? You believe that I have a mind for this? I just cannot. Wow.
        I don't know how to properly preface this,

        So Um. Cas works at a website for wing porn. Which really makes this the porniest thing I’ve ever read. Which should be terrible. I just…This was…Oh my god.
        If you are not into smut, then do not read. Okay. This is smut. But…Wow. I don’t know what  Iwas expecting but wow. The switching POV is…Amazing. It had awkward Cas, confident Cas, Sexual prowess-y Cas. DEAN. Crowley-And I died. Because of the perfect. Oh my. Just. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

        I will be in my bunk. Because it is 4am. Because I have a lofted bed. Not because of this fic. Nopers. Nope. Nope.



          i s2g if you people could read the conversations Abi and I have you’d all be ringing the mental asylums and have us taken away

          our love is an iceberg and this is just a snowflake on the apex

          or whatever

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          I appreciate this so much.


            Because con pics are the best pics.







                  omFG kill it with fire.

                  Mother of GOD!


                  this just made my whole week omfg

                  O M F G ~*~

                  I am now in love with this girl

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                    Hurt - Johnny Cash

                    I hurt myself today
                    to see if I still feel
                    I focus on the pain
                    the only thing that’s real
                    the needle tears a hole
                    the old familiar sting
                    try to kill it all away
                    but I remember everything

                    What have I become?
                    my sweetest friend
                    everyone I know
                    goes away in the end
                    and you could have it all
                    my empire of dirt

                    I will let you down
                    I will make you hurt

                    I wear this crown of thorns
                    upon my liar’s chair
                    full of broken thoughts
                    I cannot repair
                    beneath the stains of time
                    the feelings disappear
                    you are someone else
                    I am still right here

                    What have I become,
                    my sweetest friend.
                    Everyone I know
                    goes away in the end,
                    and you could have it all
                    my empire of dirt.

                    I will let you down
                    I will make you hurt

                    If I could start again
                    a million miles away
                    I would keep myself
                    I would find a way

                    —Hurt by Johnny Cash

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