July 2014
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lifeastoldbygingerr asked

Imagine Sam and Bucky going grocery shopping and Bucky getting excited over all of the food that he's missed out on over the years


Sam films him the entire time they’re shopping, then makes an incredibly popular youtube video called “Old Man Yells at Food”. Popular quotes include: 

"Quinoa. How the fuck do you pronounce this?" 

"Marshmallow fluff in a jar. I’ve seen everything now. What do you even put this on? It doesn’t matter, it’s going on everything." 

"Baconnaise. I can’t decide if this is the exact opposite of what I died for, or the perfect example of it." 

"I’m going to live in this cheese aisle for the rest of my life." 

"Sometimes I feel like you don’t appreciate granola properly." 

"Wait, I’m confused, is yogurt a desert now or not?" 

"It’s HOW MUCH??" 

"Everything’s ‘instant’ now, instant coffee, instant soup, instant noodles. That has to be false advertising." 

"Sam, seriously, I think these price tags have to be wrong." 

"Mini bagel pizzas. This is heaven, isn’t it? I died and God- uh, Thor’s dad or somebody felt sorry for me so they let me into heaven." 

June 2014

That awkward moment when your friend accidentally stumbles into one of your kinks, then you lose control of your face for a good 30 seconds, and you both just sort of don’t talk about it.

No actually when your friend stumbles into your top ‘I’d be chill if this happened to me’ kink. No DEFINITELY. Definitely the top. Oh noo.

June 2014
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I thought it was gonna be my ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ moment..

June 2014
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ARTIST: Miley Cyrus feat. French Montana
ALBUM: Bangerz
6,163 plays
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June 2014
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Poor Banner

June 2014


You can trap a god damned demon on your couch. And/or in your bed.

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